Among the academic staff there are 12 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 17Assistant Professors, 18 Lectures and 17 Teaching Assistants.

Students’ Statistics

Graduates:  In 2012, 15 students graduated with Bachelor’s degree in the college of Science and Technology while a total of 24 students graduated with LLB in the College of Law. In 2013, 98  students graduated with diploma in various courses in the college of Management Sciences while 23  students graduated with BSc. honours in the College of Agriculture and up to 14 students graduated  with BSc. honours in the College of Environmental Studies. Thus, the total number of graduates since  establishment of this university is 174.

Current Students: the total number of Students is 530. The number of registered degree students is 84 and the registered diploma students are 446.

Students’ Intake: The University admits new students in June yearly. Expected 2014-2015 intake is 1200 Students.

Fees: Tuition fees vary from college to college. It ranges from SSP 300 to SSP 1000 per semester. Accommodation is optional at a fee of SSP 300 per semester. For further information about fees, please refer to the information brochure.




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