dr. John garang memorial university campus renovation

“With your support, we can rehabilitate Dr. John Garang University”

Dr. John Garang University Campus Renovation

It is my hope that this letter finds you well and in good health. On my own behalf and on behalf of Dr. John Garang University community, I am honored and privileged to update you on the current state of the University in the aftermath of December 15th, 2013 unrest.

The crisis that began in Juba and which spread rapidly to other towns in Greater Upper Nile left a horrible scene on Dr. John Garang University premises. Most buildings were vandalized; vehicles, computers and all teaching materials were either looted or destroyed.

This unprecedented incident has interrupted the University commitment in service-delivery to citizens since last year. Our students are now redundant in the streets of Juba, Nimule, Guolyar and other locations throughout the country. Despite these challenges, we uphold our faith in you and that your generosity will assist in getting back these students to Dr. John Garang University Campus in Bor.Therefore, I appeal for your support in this campaign to renovate the University premises. With our combined efforts,we can restore the University infrastructure to its original state. This project requires 15 million South Sudanese pounds to complete. The funds will be used to purchase rehabilitation materials, furniture and teaching equipment. After a successful renovation, the University Administration will be in a position to quickly resume its routine operations in Bor. Thank you for any donations and gifts towards Dr. John Garang University Campus Renovation funds
Prof. Dr. Robert M. K. Deng CChem MRSC MRACI funds.


 Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology was established on February 27th, 2007 as a means of providing quality university education to the people of South Sudan. Located in Bor, the University is named after the Founding Father of our Republic, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. The University awards bachelor degrees and diplomas in different disciplines, making it one of the five public institutions of higher learning in the country.


After the fall of Bor to Riek Machar’s forces on December 18th 2013, Dr. John Garang University experienced two unfortunate incidences that have, by no comparison, regrettably, paralyzed the daily operations of the University. Firstly, the wanton destruction of the University’s property has left an ugly scene on its premises in Bor. University buildings have partially been destroyed, leaving them with broken doors and windows. All the university’s furniture, vehicles, computers and teaching materials were either looted or vandalized during the course of the military confrontation in the area. Secondly, the University students and staff have been displaced and are scattered all over the country, majority of who have taken refuge in Juba, Nimule and Guolyar. For this reason, the future of our students—particularly the female students that were committed to learning in the College of Management Sciences—hangs in the balance. Despite all these odds, we still believe in the possibility of things getting started all over again for the betterment of the university and its fraternity.
All these challenges, as one might realize, require a concerted effort, and we strongly believe that they can be overcome at all cost if all well-wishers and those having faith in the ability of our home universities to provide quality education to our children support us. Therefore, it is against this backdrop that we appeal to you to join hands with us in rehabilitating our university and bringing it back to its original operational state.



Our goal is to restore the University’s infrastructure in order to re-open and operate in its main campus in Bor. This restoration of operation and provision of educational services to students will encourage repatriation of the displaced population back to the town and support economic growth in the region. To achieve this goal, we must renovate our premises; install furniture and teaching equipment so as to create a conducive atmosphere for learning at the University.


1. Renovation of the university premises is a prerequisite to resumption of all academic activities on campus; hence, the objectives are as follows:

A. Restoring the University infrastructure to pre-war state;

B. Repatriation of the University administration to Bor;

C. Recalling and accommodating all students on campus;

D. Resumption of interrupted examinations by the recent crisis.

E. Resumption of lectures as soon as the renovation is completed.


Achieving the aforementioned goals and objectives needs financial commitment. The target amount to complete this renovation is 15 million South Sudanese pounds. The successful renovation of Dr. John Garang Memorial University requires a collective responsibility from all the citizens of South Sudan, friends and well wishers around the world. For this reason, the project intends to target the following categories of people and organizations:

1. Business community;

2. Charitable organizations;

3. Government institutions (Central, State and Local Governments);

4. Foreign government consulates and embassies;

5. Faith-based groups;

6. Individuals.


 Given our urgent need to resume our operations in a timely manner, we hope to launch this needed project by August 15th, 2014, so as to make room for resumption of lectures by September 2014. The implementation of this project will strictly be supervised by Prof. Robert Deng, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. Prof. Julia Aker Duany, the Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang Memorial University will be the focal point person. Our donors will be informed on the progress of the project and the use of their donations.

cost of the project for the university

The extent of destruction varies from one building to the other. Hence, it is important that we provide this estimate for your understanding.

Dr. John Garang Memorial University Renovation Project (Itemized Project Cost)




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