message fROM the vice chancellor

Professor Julia Aker Duany

"Dream JG - MUST and your dream shall come true "

For those who are dreaming, students and their parents where to find an excellent education, I trust you will be impressed by the quality of our programs, research in general and the full coverage of the aspects of science and technological education that we provide at JGMUST.

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to any individual or institution interested in studying or partnering with JGMUST or with individual professors, or paying a visit to JGMUST. Everyone in JGMUST will be more than pleased to give you the necessary assistance to facilitate your study and work in JGMUST and will help you to achieve your fullest potential.

As a long-term strategy, the university is putting emphasis and energy on new technologies and programs on international partnership in both students’ education, research and staff development. The purpose is to discover more opportunities for our students and staff to have more international experiences to enrich their capacities with knowledge and to extend our services to more potential clients both domestically and internationally.

JGMUST will strive to be a leading institution in science and technological development. The university shall develop strong team of nationally well-known professors, build laboratories and equip them with modern teaching and research facilities. The new grand plans for the construction of the campus shall ensure space for the greatly increased enrolment and the growing research activities.

The university intends to work even more closely with governments and industries to open fresh areas of partnerships and to create new models of future education. The university is open to the world and is expected to be a valuable and responsible member in the academic community.

Now dream of JG-MUST and your dream shall come true!  
June 9, 2014


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