The University is located in a region of natural beauty and a future tourist attraction of the Greater Upper Nile region. The university is located in Bor town; the capital of Jonglei State in the Republic of South Sudan. Bor town is about 200kms from the capital Juba and is located on the eastern bank of the White Nile. It is approximately 5kms south of the Great Sudd region which has the potential to be the biggest source of fresh water fish in the whole region of Africa. It is half an hour flight to the Boma Mountains; the land of big five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and giraffe). The Boma range of Mountains is well known for fresher air and more open space that enhance opportunity to watch the wild-life seasonal migration and natural beauty of all seasons. The beauty is just breath-taking and it is a lifelong experience watching the pristine natural beauty.


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