future plans


The University Library

The University Library is in the process of building wide range of collection of materials covering the whole of the subjects that are taught at the university. It shall provide excellent services, including online service for literature search to faculty and students.

Accommodation Facility

The plan for a comprehensive accommodation facility is being developed to all students and staff throughout their stay at the university. As an institution trusted with the development of young people, the university shall be able to offer a guarantee that it will find satisfying living environment for all students and academic staff.

Health Centre

The university plans to establish a clinic manned by a doctor and a medical assistant. The clinic will have a well-equipped medical laboratory for analysis.

Sport and Recreation Complex

The university shall have a well-developed sport and recreation complex. It shall include athletics grounds, basketball pavilion, a swimming pool and gymnasium.

College of Petroleum:

The college of Petroleum shall play an important role in educating professionals in oil and gas industry for the country. It will aspire to be a leading college in both education and research in South Sudan and East Africa Region. The college will have a department of environment that will focus mainly on environmental protection and environmental resources management.




news & Events

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