college of education


College of Education was established in 2013 as a response to the need of trained and qualified teaching staff in secondary, primary and pre-school levels of Education. The need had been verified by a survey conducted in the Ministry of Education, Jonglei State and the results showed challenges and severe shortage of qualified teachers that could carry the burden of teaching in schools.

The vision of the college is provision of quality education and training for teachers of pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. The college advances education as professional practice, as field of scholarly enquiry through excellence in teaching, research and community service.

The mission of the college is preparation of caring, accountable and critical-reflective education practitioners. This mission could be achieved by professional education (course of study), advanced study of the role of leadership in education, research, service and promotion of innovation in education as well as gender awareness.


*  Educational Sciences

*  Mathematics and Physics

*  Biology and Chemistry

*  English language and literature

*  Arabic Language




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