college of agriculture


The College of Agriculture is one of the five colleges of the Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology (JG-MUST) whose history dates back to 2007. However, the college, as it is today, came into being in 2010 when the Institute (Dr. John Garang de Mabior Institute of Science and Technology) was upgraded to a fully-fledged University by an act of  the National Assembly of the then  Republic of The Sudan.

Academic Programs

The College of Agriculture offers two programs: 

1.   a four-year program (130 credit hours) leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and

2.   a five-year program (160 credit hours) leading to a Bachelor of Science honors Degree in Agriculture with a selected area of specialization from the two departments as indicated below:


Department of Agronomy.

Department of Animal Production

Fieldworks and academic trips are executed to some relevant developmental projects within and outside the country by each department to supplement theoretical and practical training offered during the academic year.



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