1. Committed to the success of each student

      2. Implement the innovation of values

      3. Has courage to forge ahead and face the competition

      4. Trusted and dependable


Applied Knowledge is Strength


To prepare cadres with high qualifications which will enable them integrate into South Sudanese community and compete both in domestic and international labour markets.


The mission of JGMUST is to become a leading institution of higher learning nationally and internationally through its quality teaching and research.


a)  To meet the needs and tergets for national development

b)  To promote research, self-reliance and fulfillment of   educational goals

c)  To foster and develop respect for the diverse cultural heritage

d)  To foster international consciousness

Over the past few years, the university has been focusing on science based learning with outreach in technological related fields. These pursuits are being approached through recruitment of excellent and outstanding professors and building the capacity of the whole academic staff, strengthening its traditional and potential new programs and internationalizing education, research and management. One of the principles of the university has been to work closely with the local and national industries in bringing the international technological outlook near home. 




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