public announcement from the  office of the deputy vice chancellor for academic affairs

July 23, 2013


This notice serves to inform all students of Dr. John Garang University that the end of semester examinations that was interrupted by the event of December 2013 is rescheduled to start on Monday August 18, 2014. The examinations will be conducted in the following centres:-

 * Main campus in Bor Town

 * University of Juba

Students should register in any of the nearby examination centres from Friday 25 July to Friday 15August 2014.

Students are advised to find their own means of transport, accommodation and feeding during the examination period.

For further information, please contact the following:

* Dean of Students’ Affairs (0955071907)

* Academic Registrar (0955159844)

* Or visit the

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jok Gai Mac

Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (0955983502)

Cc: Office of the VC

Cc: Office of the DVC (A&F)

Cc: All Deans and heads of independent units





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